Evolution For iPhone 5s / 5 Gold

SKU: APH5-EVLTN-GOLD, For iPhone 5s / 5, Gold

Street Price: USD 29.99

The Evolution offers protection with a modern, multi-layer design. A hard outer shell spreads out the force of the impact, while internal layers absorb the energy. Yet the case maintains a slim-fit, easy-to-install profile that ensures access to all iPhone features.

Combining bold and bright UV coated hard polycarbonate coloured frames with a black soft frame bumper.

Delivers an ultraslim look and unbeatable protection for your device.

Interchange different coloured body for a customised,personalised look,which hugs the form of your phone,while offering easy access to all controls and ports.


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Available colors:


Outside Material: PC (Polycarbonate), TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes), UV COATING
Inside Material: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes)
Product Dimension: 127*69*10
Product Weight: 30 gr
Gross Dimension: 170x100x20
Gross Weight: 120 gr
IC Dimension: 100x115x201
IC Weight: 700 gr
MC Dimension: 560x260x440
MC Weight: 18000 gr
Release Date: 11/14/2013
Production Date: 31-12-1969
Product Dimension Product Weight
For iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus 162*86*14 40 gr
For iphone 6s / 6 142*72*8 40 gr
For Galaxy S6 Edge 162*86*14 20 gr
For Galaxy S6 148x73x10 20 gr
For iPhone 6 Plus 162*86*14 40 gr
For iPhone 6 142*72*8 40 gr
For iPhone 5s / 5 127*69*10 30 gr

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